Your Group’s Summer Dining Destination for Mexican Food in Henderson

Your Group’s Summer Dining Destination for Mexican Food in Henderson

Bring Your Group to Borracha and Take Advantage of Our Sizzling Summer Specials 

Summer is the time of year when great friends gather to share good time, whether it’s enjoying the gorgeous summer sun or sipping on margaritas and sharing laughs around a table. What makes these gatherings even better is that you don’t even need a special occasion – just the fact that’s a beautiful summer day is more than enough reason to grab a group of your favorite people and enjoy some delicious Mexican food in Henderson. 

While getting together with a larger group of family or friends is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon or evening, there is the challenge of deciding where to go. The bigger the group, the more likely there is to be differing opinions on where to spend your time together. 

We know there are lots of great places to hang out in the Las Vegas area, but when you’re looking for a spot that appeals to wide range of appetites and has a menu for dinner in Henderson that can’t be beat, the only real option for your group outing is Borracha. Why should you book your summer group dining with us? Well, we can think of at least a few reasons. 

Come to Borracha Mexican Cantina for Sizzling Summer Specials

Summer memories are meant to be made and shared with friends and family, and if a restaurant in Henderson can provide a little incentive to sweeten the deal, then that makes a meal with a group of friends even more tempting. Clique Hospitality is pleased to announce that it’s time for their Sizzling Summer Specials.

What are Sizzling Summer Specials all about? Any time between now and September 1, 2019, you can gather a group of 12 or more of your favorite people and head to one of Clique Hospitality’s great venues – including Borracha – for some special summer deals. 

This summer, your group of 12 or more can receive 15% off all food and beverages by booking a reservation in advance. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to remember to mention the discount at the time of booking. 

green valley ranch brunch at borracha

Why Your Group Is Going to Love Borracha This Summer

So, when you get a group of people together, there’s always at least one person who’s going to show some hesitation about the menu. Borracha features such an incredible Mexican menu that even the pickiest guest will get a smile on their face when you mention this best place to get Mexican food in Henderson.

The menu at Borracha offers the best Mexican inspired dining in all of Green Valley Ranch. When you arrive at Borracha, you’ll be greeted by surroundings that are warm, relaxing and infused with the subdued seductiveness of Mexico. Borracha provides the perfect, intimate atmosphere for your group dining experience. 

Your group can start by sharing some classic Mexican appetizes, like creamy guacamole, shrimp ceviche or our bubbling cheese fundido. There’s no better way to get everyone in on the conversation than sharing and raving about some amazing appetizers. 

Once your group is ready to move past appetizers, there is an incredible menu of main dish options. Think along the lines of Mexican inspired dishes like lobster tacos, chile rellenos, and slow roasted pork carnitas. Borracha also knows that it isn’t just the food that the lively people in your group are going to be excited about – there’s also the amazing creations of Borracha’s mixologists. 

How does a blood orange margarita made with Hornitos Plata Tequila, blood orange, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar sound? Or maybe you’re more in the mood for a Slowpoke Rodriguez, which is the perfect blend of Absolut Lime Vodka, strawberry, hibiscus, lime, seltzer, mint.

Whether it’s dinner, drinks or Mexican inspired nibbles that your group has on their minds, you can be sure that they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for at Borracha – with a 15% discount to sweeten the deal.  

The Essence of Borracha Mexican Cantina 

Borracha is a feast for the senses, with décor that is both festive and sensuous while giving a nod to and honoring the Day of the Dead – a holiday of honor and celebration in Mexico. The Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is celebrated by vibrant festivities that include an abundance of delicious food and drink. This flavor and passion for life is where Borracha draws much of its inspiration.

Because of its unique atmosphere and unforgettable food and drink, Borracha is a favored Mexican restaurant in Henderson. Every plate that is placed before each guest is an explosion of flavor and passion for Mexican inspired food. This summer when your group is looking for an extraordinary experience that enlightens all your senses, RSVP and make a reservation at Borracha. Also, don’t forget to mention the Sizzling Summer Special to receive your 15% discount on food and drinks for parties of 12 or more. Additional group dining options are also available for larger parties.