The Chili Pepper Heat Scale

The Chili Pepper Heat Scale

All of the Borracha Dishes From Hot…to Hotter

Here at Borracha, we love delivering delicious, flavorful, Mexican-inspired cuisine. We also know that a little heat in the recipe is what can take any dish from tasty to truly outstanding. Chili peppers are a great compliment to any authentic Mexican cuisine, but we know that not everyone likes the same type of heat with their food. This is why we have gone ahead and ranked our hottest dishes on our Chili Pepper Heat Scale, so you can decide which Borracha menu items are right for you.

Our scale goes from 1-5, starting with very little spice to very spicy—come find the perfect spice rating to fit your taste!

  • Just A Little Flavor- Shrimp Ceviche.

borracha Mexican cantina henderson nevada shrimp ceviche

(Source: Borracha Mexican Cantina)

If you aren’t big on spicy, but still want something that has the right amount of flavor in it, give our shrimp ceviche a try. It has just a hint of cilantro and other spices, so you don’t feel like you are skimping on flavor, but don’t have to worry about the dish being too hot.

  • A Hint of Spice- Spiced Black Beans.

borracha Mexican cantina full menu order

(Source: Borracha Mexican Cantina)

Looking for a hint of spice? Try our spiced black beans. This delicious side dish isn’t too overwhelming, but it also has enough spice to pack a little punch.

  • Smoky Spicy- Chipotle Buffalo Wings.

If you like things that are smoky spice, and love the taste of Chipotle, then our Chipotle Buffalo Wings are for you. These wings have a classic Mexican twist to them that we know you are going to love. The only challenge will be eating just one order.

  • Sirracha Spice With a Kick- The Crispy Dynamite Shrimp Tacos. 

borracha Mexican cantina in green valley ranch gluten free dynamite shrimp tacos

(Source: Borracha Mexican Cantina)

If you love the kick of Sirracha, then we have just the dish for you. Our dynamite shrimp tacos are covered in spicy Sirracha sauce for a kick of flavor that simply can’t be beat.

  • Hot Jalapeño- Nachos. 

nachos at borracha Mexican cantina inside green valley ranch Henderson nevada

(Source: Borracha Mexican Cantina)

There is nothing quite like the type of heat that comes with Jalapenos. And if you love Jalapenos, then you are going to love our nachos. They are made with Jalapeno cheese sauce and have crispy Jalapenos on top so you get double the kick, and double the fun with this delicious appetizer.

Try it Yourself

Of course, the best way to really determine how these dishes rank on the hotness scale is to come into Borracha and try them for yourself. Whether you want something with just a little kick to it, or if you are looking for something that is really going to pack a punch—we have a little something for every taste and budget.