Shoot Your Shot This National Oyster Day at Borracha

Shoot Your Shot This National Oyster Day at Borracha

Borracha Does The Mostest With Los Ostiones This National Oyster Day  

It’s National Oyster Day this Friday, August 5th, and Borracha is aiming to celebrate the best way it knows how–with shots! Oysters are obviously a staple of most seaside cultural cuisine due to their feasibility and ease of access, so it seems straightforward why people eat them. What is a bit perplexing, however, is how the transition from eating oysters to shooting them with alcohol came about. Read on for a little history to solve this mystery while you tip back your glass to celebrate this classy day!   

Abraham Lincoln Would Have Killed it On Insta

Apparently, influencers existed way before the ‘gram. According to this academic journal article, Abraham Lincoln was known for wining and dining people in Illinois with oysters in “every conceivable fashion.” Oysters were in such high demand out where the buffalo roamed. Companies shipped oysters hundreds of miles in barrels of ice. That’s some Kylie 3-minute private jet ride business right there. But overharvesting and pollution soon led to oysters losing some of their popularity by the end of the nineteenth century, for the bad and boujee at least. 

A Miner Variation 

Legend has it that the oyster shooter was invented by a San Franciscan gold miner. He staggered into a restaurant with a solid haul. Newly rich, he ordered what the wealthy supposedly ate–oysters–only he requested a whiskey to go with it. When he was done with the whiskey, he put the oysters in the glass along with some salt, horseradish, and ketchup. Before you knew it, he slugged it down. While this origination story might be hard to swallow, the Borracha Tequila Oyster shooter is sure to go down much smoother. It’s a fresh oyster with cocktail sauce and horseradish in crisp Blanco tequila that has some spice and a little sip of the sea.