National Lobster Day at Borracha

National Lobster Day at Borracha

Did you know that September 25th is a national holiday? The day has been deemed National Lobster Day, a special occasion to celebrate lobster all over the country. And, of course, we’ll be running an amazing special on our Baja Style Lobster here at Borracha.

Ready to celebrate National Lobster Day? Here’s what you should know about these amazing – and delicious – crustaceans.

Lobsters come in two main types. Lobsters can be divided into clawed and spiny types. Spiny lobsters don’t have claws, but they do have a shell that’s harder than the one that clawed lobsters have. Clawed lobsters, on the other hand, have a pincer and crusher claw.

They can regrow lost appendages. If a lobster loses a claw, leg, or antennae, its body can regrow the appendage, leaving the lobster looking just as good as new.

They have teeth in their stomachs. Yes, you read that right. The lobster has what’s called a “gastric mill” in its stomach, consisting of three “teeth.” The lobster grinds its food up right in its stomach with these teeth.

Lobsters appear to grow forever. It seems that lobsters continue to grow for all of their lives, but scientists haven’t really been able to test this hypothesis. Since traps aren’t designed to catch lobsters that reach 20 or 30 pounds, scientists haven’t had a chance to study the size and growth of the oldest, largest lobsters.

They have insanely strong claws. If you’re handling a live lobster, you want to be extremely careful not to get yourself pinched by its crusher claw – the larger of its claws.  Researchers discovered that a lobster’s crusher claw can exert up to 100 pounds of pressure per square inch on whatever it decides to latch onto. This allows the lobster to crack open the shells of mussels, clams, and more.

Lobsters will eat each other. It would seem that you could make a killing farming and harvesting lobsters in captivity, but there’s one little detail that puts a serious hole in that business plan: When lobsters are in close quarters and are looking for food, they’ll actually eat each other. Talk about eating into your profits!

Lobster was once a poor man’s food. Love lobster, but wish it was a bit more affordable? If you had lived in Colonial times, you would have been in luck. Lobster was once so abundant that it was regarded as a poor man’s food, only eaten by slaves and paupers. What lobster was left? It was fed to the pigs.

They’re good for you. Don’t feel guilty about splurging on lobster. It’s actually a food that’s good for your health. Lobster has omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to prevent and manage heart disease, as well as to lower blood pressure. Plus, lobster contains high amounts of protein and some iron.

Lobsters shed their shells when they molt. When molting, lobsters shed their shells, leaving them with a soft exterior. They’re referred to as “soft shell lobsters” during this period. As they age, the molting stops.

Why You Should Celebrate National Lobster Day at Borracha Mexican Cantina

There’s no better way to celebrate National Lobster Day than with a special lobster meal. That’s why, for September 25th only, we’re offering our famous Baja Style Lobster for just $19. This unbeatable deal features our one-of-a-kind dish. We deep fry our Mexican Baja-Style Lobster and serve it up with a delicious side of rice and beans. Our special twist on a traditional lobster dish is loaded with flavor and is a highly sought-after delicacy.

You won’t find a whole lobster for $19 anywhere else, so join us at Borracha on September 25th to take advantage of this amazing deal.

Not feeling like having an entire lobster? Our lobster tacos are another popular option. These tacos are delicious and feature grilled marinated lobster, shredded cabbage, mango salsa, and rice and beans.

Of course, we also have plenty of other options on our large menu. From our Flaming Tequila Fajitas to our burritos and plentiful taco varieties, we’re sure to have something that appeals to your taste buds. Wash your meal down with a margarita, a glass of wine, or perhaps one of our signature cocktails. No matter what you order, you can be guaranteed it will be packed full of flavor and feature a wonderful Mexican influence.

Come see us on September 25th! We’ll be cooking up plenty of lobster, so bring your friends and family to celebrate National Lobster Day.