Sizzling Hot Plate Coming Your Way–It’s National Fajita Day at Borracha

Sizzling Hot Plate Coming Your Way–It’s National Fajita Day at Borracha

Craving Fajitas? Celebrate National Fajita Day at Borracha In Henderson

Days like National Fajita Day are basically America’s way of designating a birthday for something so there’s an excuse to celebrate and enjoy it even more. Some may say it’s consumerism at its finest, but rarely does the population need any extra motivation to go out and find some fantastic, fabulous fajitas–that’s a Tex-Mex treasure that sells itself!  So this Thursday, August 18th, give yourself the gift and be present for National Fajita Day at Borracha, where the fajitas are the finest. 

Fajitas En Fuego…Literally!

One of the characteristics of a fajita goes back to its humble roots. Workers would salvage the choicest cuts of meats and cook them over an open, outdoor fire. Authenticity is something Borracha prides itself in, which is why they offer traditional meat options like the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Steak fajitas that are seared just like the señors of old. To keep true to their Baja roots, Borracha also offers Grilled Mahi Mahi or Grilled Shrimp Fajitas as seafood is a culinary staple in their cuisine. Whatever protein you pick, you’ll be floored by the flavor once you take your first bite because Borracha does fajitas right! 

Fierce, Fresh, Healthy at Its Best 

Are you a self-identified herbivore and think you can’t celebrate National Fajita Day? Worry no more–Borracha also offers Veggie Fajitas as a part of their Vegan Menu! Stuffed with peppers, onions, vegan cheese, and sour cream, and served with lettuce cups, you can still celebrate this great Tex-Mex treat. If you’d like to stay on the healthy train but still have a way to erase some of the pain of the week, Borracha offers Juneshine Hard Kombucha in Honey Ginger or Midnight Painkiller.     

A Pair That Doesn’t Compare

When you’re feasting on fajitas, you don’t need to concern yourself with bigger things or catch a pearl and ride the dragon’s wings, but you definitely should order a Heat of the Moment! There’s no better bev match than that for fajitas, national day or not. Made with Deleon Reposado Tequila and mixed with Passion Fruit, Fresno Chili, Lime, and Agave Nectar, then topped off with a Cinnamon Sugar Rim, one sip will have you sizzling. This is no incidence that arose from circumstance–Borracha knows how to make a meal an experience.

Enjoy the Fiesta of Flavor This National Fajita Day at Borracha

No matter if you’re ridin’ clean or packing on protein, everyone gets to celebrate National Fajita Day with the Best in the West, Borracha Mexican Cantina!