Introducing Mezcal Mondays at Borracha Mexican Cantina

Introducing Mezcal Mondays at Borracha Mexican Cantina

History of Mezcal

Mezcal is a spirit made from the heart of the agave plant, called the piña. Unlike tequila, which is solely distilled from the Blue Agave in Jalisco, Mezcal is mostly distilled in Oaxaca, from 11 different types of native agaves. Many states in Mexico are allowed to produce Mezcal, but Oaxaca is considered the spirits home as it produces more than 60 percent of all Mezcal in the world.

Borracha Mexican Cantina agave fields

The distillation of Mezcal is deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition. To add the smoky flavor associated with the spirit, the piñas are slow-cooked in stone-lined pits over a wood-burning flame for several days. Like the different types of oaks used to add flavors to fine wine, the creators of Mezcal believe different burning woods to add unique flavors to their batches. Most producers of Mezcal in Oaxaca are family run and led by a Maestro Mezcalero (Master of Mezcal). Now that Mezcal has seen a rise in popularity across the United States, Borracha Mexican Cantina is proud to host a selection of Mezcals in Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino.

Mezcal Mondays Begin Monday, December 2nd in Las Vegas

A flavor as bold as Mezcal needs a restaurant as bold as Borracha! Enjoy new Mezcal cocktails from premium brands like Casamigos every Monday at Borracha Mexican Cantina starting December 2nd for only $8 each. Cocktails like the “Heat of Passion” with Casamigos Mezcal, mango puree, hibiscus, lime juice, and firewater bitters or the “Smokin Sour” with Casamigos Mezcal, angostura bitters, lime juice, and orgeat have made their way to Mezcal Mondays. If you prefer to sip on your Mezcal neat, enjoy shots of our featured Mezcal for only $5 a piece. For an added bonus, pair Mezcal Mondays with our Happy Hour food specials available from 4-6 PM and you’re in for a real treat!

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Mezcal Mondays are sure to become a bold new tradition at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Henderson, Nevada. Each month Borracha will feature premium brands like Casamigos, Illegal, or Del Maguey during Mezcal Mondays so you will always have something new to enjoy! Borracha is already well known for delicious food and awesome nights like Tacos & Tequila Tuesdays so be sure to stop by on an upcoming Monday to try the new Mezcal cocktails available on special.

Reserve your table to enjoy Mezcal Mondays at our Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas! Mezcal Mondays at Borracha Mexican Cantina $8 Casamigos Mezcal Cocktails & $5 Casamigos Mezcal Shots