Mexican Drinking Traditions and Games

Mexican Drinking Traditions and Games

If you are looking to have a fun night on the town or host your own fiesta, then knowing some Mexican drinking traditions and games is just the way to make your night of fun completely authentic. While we all love American drinking traditions, sometimes switching it up and having fun with drinking like other cultures can really switch up your routine and make for a memorable evening. With this in mind, here are a few of our favorite Mexican drinking traditions and games.

Mexican Stand Off

This is a fun Mexican-themed game that is perfect for groups of friends who want to bond while enjoying a few cocktails. Here’s how the game works:

  • Everyone sits in a circle and has a shot glass. All of the shot glasses are filled with water except one which has tequila in it.
  • The person who has the tequila shot has to answer an embarrassing question about themselves.
  • Bottoms Up! Take the shot, answer the question then repeat.

Mexican Bar Dice

This game is sometimes just known as Mexico, or 21. All you need is a few drinks and at least three people. The object of the game is to simply roll a lower combination of time than the previous roller. Sit in a circle and start rolling. Remember, if you lose, it’s time to take a drink. It is a simple game but one that is easy, mindless and that can result in lots of people taking lots of sips of alcohol.

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Drink a Tequila Shot… Without the Worm, or Anything Else

This is more of dispelling a myth than an actual tradition. If you want to drink like a Mexican, then make sure to order to signature Mexican liquor—tequila. However, when you order it make sure that you just take it plain. Most Mexicans don’t do the whole salt and lime combination. Another myth to dispel is that more authentic tequila has the worm in it. This isn’t true at all, it’s actually more of a marketing scheme. So, order your tequila plain and really drink like someone from Mexico.

Play Questions

If you are looking for a fun time with your amigos, then “questions” is just the game for you. This simple Mexican drinking game is all about sitting around and enjoying each other’s company, while having a few drinks in the process. Players simply go around the room and ask questions in form of “yes” or “no” and everyone must answer with hesitation. The person who answers first, then gets to ask the next question. If someone doesn’t answer with a “yes” or “no” then they drink and if the person asks the same question twice, then they have a drink too. It is a simple game that will have everyone laughing and enjoying a few cervezas in the process.

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