Make Henderson Restaurant Borracha Your Post Thanksgiving Weekend Destination!

Make Henderson Restaurant Borracha Your Post Thanksgiving Weekend Destination!

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Family drama. Overcooked turkey. Heated political debates. Your weird uncle who always drinks too much. Thanksgiving can be an emotional roller coaster, that’s for sure. At Borracha Mexican Cantina, we want to provide you with the perfect post-holiday escape.

Maybe you’ve had it up to here with your family and just want to get away. Or perhaps you’re loving the bonding time with friends and family and want to bring them all along for the fun. Whatever your post-Thanksgiving situation happens to be, make Borracha your holiday weekend destination! Here are just 10 reasons why Borracha is the perfect escape following Turkey Day.

1. You’re tired of turkey. It happens every year. You’re all excited about eating turkey til you drop. Then the big day comes, and you enjoy a big feast on Thursday, and seemingly endless leftovers after, and something happens: you get sick of turkey really fast. The fact is, you can only eat so many turkey sandwiches until you never want to see another one ever again (or at least until next year, when you’ll embrace the whole cycle again).

If you’ve hit capacity with the Thanksgiving fixings, Borracha’s Mexican cantina-style menu is the perfect antidote. Featuring vibrant, fresh flavors that are anything but bland, our menu is a welcome respite from all the turkey and beige-colored sides that come with Thanksgiving.

2. You can bring your family…or not. Still psyched to spend time with family? Great, bring them along to Borracha with you and keep the party alive! Even if you’re having fun with your family, it’s nice to enjoy a change of scenery. Never want to see those psychos again (or at least until Christmas)? Come alone, or bring friends with you to commiserate and hash out the drama. At Borracha, nobody’s going to hassle you about your politics, job, dietary restrictions, or ask you why you’re still single. You can relax now.

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3. Tequila won’t judge you. After dealing with your judgmental auntie all Thanksgiving long, you probably need a palate cleanser. Tequila isn’t the only answer, but it’s an awfully good one. Whether delivered straight or in one of our incredible Margaritas, enjoy a little (or hey, let’s be honest, a lot) of tequila at Borracha. Tequila will wash the slate clean. Tequila won’t judge you. Tequila will soften any blow. It’s all gonna be OK.

4. Neither will Mezcal. Everything that we just said about tequila? Same goes for mezcal. Just FYI.

5. Tacos, tacos, tacos! Tacos always taste great, but after the tyranny of endless turkey leftovers, they taste extra-ambrosial. For your post-holiday week ending pleasure, we’re offering an incredible $9 lunch combo on Saturday and Sunday. Even if you found yourself claiming you’d “never eat again” after Thanksgiving, we’ll help bring your appetite back with our tasty tacos.

6. Awesome place to watch football. Borracha isn’t just a place to pick up tacos and escape your family for an hour. With plenty of big screens and a full bar, you can make it your escape for the afternoon or evening as you enjoy the big game on our screens and sample our delicious food and drink.

7. Wear your pajamas. Stay comfy! The Borracha staff isn’t going to chastise you if you feel like keeping it casual when you come to visit after Thanksgiving. We’ve seen it all, and we don’t judge. Let us be your home away from home for the weekend!

8. We’ll do the dishes. Are you experiencing PTDWD (post traumatic dish-washing disorder)? Don’t worry: at Borracha, there’s no crusty stuffing in the casserole pan which requires steel wool and elbow grease to extract.There are no pie dishes to scrub clean. We’ll take care of everything. Not only will we take your order and deliver you plates of hot, fresh food, but we’ll also clean the table and do the dishes for you. Kick back and relax! 

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9. Vegan menu. So, your family has a little trouble understanding your vegan diet. No, ma, butter is not vegan. No, Aunt Mabel, turkey is not considered a vegetable. No, dad, even if the stuffing has “just a little” chicken broth, it’s not vegan. After grazing on a meal of cranberry sauce and crudites, you’re likely feeling hangry, and tired of explaining what vegan means.

Luckily, at Borracha, we have options just for you that are well suited to a vegan diet. Our vegan menu includes a creative array of Mexican favorites, including a creative coconut ceviche, grilled portobello tacos, a tofu brown rice bowl, and more. Of course, even if you’re not vegan, these healthier options may seem like a welcome contrast to the traditional heavy food-laden Thanksgiving feast.

Green Valley Ranch Restaurant(Source: Borracha Mexican Cantina blog)

10. Pumpkin Churro ice cream sandwich. Did your granny forget to add sugar to the pumpkin pie again this year? Cleanse your palate and enjoy something truly delicious by ordering our pumpkin churro ice cream sandwich. This seasonal special won’t be available much longer, but it’s truly worth your time and attention, with crispy pumpkin spice churros acting as bookends to creamy vanilla gelato. Oh, and it’s all served with a delicious chocolate sauce, because why do anything halfway?

We think that you’ll agree: Borracha is the ideal spot for post-Thanksgiving fun! Whether you are craving a change of scenery, some different cuisine, or a fun place to rehash the holiday with friends or family, join us at our Green Valley Ranch Restaurant for incredible drinks, cuisine, and good times.

Do you have any post-Thanksgiving traditions?