Have a Spec-taco-lar National Taco Day at Borracha!

Have a Spec-taco-lar National Taco Day at Borracha!

This Octopus Special Is So Good It’s The Taco The Town! Celebrate National Taco Day at Borracha

It’s here people, the day we’ve been preparing for years: National Taco Day falls on a Taco Tuesday! That means Borracha’s standing weekly special of All You Can Eat and Drink Tacos, Tequila, and Margaritas for $29 dollars is in effect from 4 PM-10 PM. That’s a lot of time to eat, so make sure to taco your time. Not to be outdone (by themselves), Borracha even has another taco special for this blessed Tuesday that will make you wish you had eight hands. 

This Special Will Octopi Your Heart 

For National Taco Day, Borracha has crafted a mouth-watering Octopus Taco Plate. This succulent seafood spin on traditional tastiness will have 3 octopus tacos, crispy potatoes, and chorizo for only $21. Besides being delicious, octopus has excellent health benefits, like being low-fat, a complete serving of protein, and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for heart-healthy benefits. Health experts recommend achieving a balanced diet by having a taco in each hand, and since you’re eating octopus tacos on National Taco Day, it’s probably best to have at least eight in total. And, if you’re worried about also holding your margarita, just remember that’s what straws and tables are for. ¡Dios es bueno! 

Taco Bout Funny 

What do you call a Disney princess who likes Mexican food? 

Taco Belle! 

What’s a taco’s favorite TV Show? 

Better Call Salsa! 

What does a nosy taco do? 

Get jalapeño business!

How much do I love tacos? 

From my head tomatoes! 

What do ducks want in their tacos? 

Guac! Guac! 

How do you make a taco stand? 

Take its chair away!

If you eat tacos until you pass out, where do you wake up? 


Why shouldn’t you let a Wookie make you tacos? 

They turn out Chewie! 

When You Taco Your Thoughts Outloud 

Remember, seven days without tacos makes one weak. 

Last night I made fish tacos. They just looked at them and swam away. 

My doctor told me to eat more tacos. Well, actually, he said “less pizza,” but I’m pretty sure I know what he meant. 

Tacos are the most dramatic food because they’re always falling apart. 

You can’t possibly make everyone happy. You’re not a taco. 

To meditate properly: inhale tacos, exhale negativity. 

Taco cat spelled backward is Taco cat. No, you can’t have these seconds of your life back. 


Taco Tuesdays are loca already, so make sure you reserve a table for the epic National Taco Day at Borracha early!