The Autumn Wind Is Starting To Blow: Football Season Is Back at Borracha

The Autumn Wind Is Starting To Blow: Football Season Is Back at Borracha

Football Season Is Back at Borracha and We Want to See Your Silver and Black 

Football season is upon us, which means the Las Vegas Raiders are ready to “knock [teams] ‘round and upside down and laugh when [they’ve] conquered and won.” Even though the Raider’s regular season doesn’t officially start until they take on the LA Rams on Sunday, September 11th, Borracha is so ready for football season to start that they are beginning their Raider’s Gear promo on the upcoming preseason game against the New England Patriots. So, starting August 26th and until the Raiders inevitably make it to the Super Bowl (175 days!), Borracha will give you a free domestic draft beer when you wear your Raiders gear and a free house shot for every Raider’s touchdown! So if the Raiders show up and show out this season, that’s a deal that in the words of Chris Berman is bound to leave you “rumblin, bumblin’, and stumblin’. 

Las Vegas Raiders Football Forecast

How far can new head coach Josh McDaniels and QB Derek Carr take the Raiders this year? Many nervous Nevadans felt a little better once they heard McDaniels immediately quote the late great Al Davis when he hollered “Just win, baby!” for his first official press conference. It’s true there’s a lot of new on the Raider’s roster, but a lot of these additions are a true steal of a deal. Devante Adams from Green Bay is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the league and is trading in the stinky cheese and yellow and green for some sleek silver and black. Newly signed Chris Lacy shows promise in the same position as well, and Hunter “The Slot Machine” Renfro will be there to show the noobs how it’s done. Other returning reliables like Defensive Ends Chandler Jones–still one of the best pass rushers in the league–and Maxx Crosby, who had over 100 pressures last season and reached the QB for 30 hits and eight total sacks. Overall, the Raider’s 2022 roster is stacked and packed better than one of Borracha’s badass burritos, so coming into dine in your Raider’s finest is bound to be a recurring win all season. 

Raider Nation: Mount Up! 

NFL fans are known for going all out on their game day displays of team spirit, decked head to toe in their team’s colors or even sometimes shamelessly supporting them with body-painted bellies. But no fanbase understands the assignment better than Raider Nation. It’s a point of pride to dress up in intense and elaborate ensembles embodying the renegade and rowdy nature of both the fanbase and team. Costumes are Raider Nation culture, and it’s hard not to notice similarities between some of them and Dia de Los Muertos imagery and themes. It’s just another reason to come in and watch the Raiders romp the AFC West this year besides all the free-flowing liquor and beer when you’re wearing your gear. 

When you wear Raider’s Silver and Black on game days, Borracha has your back, because There Is Only One Nation.