Everything You Need to Know About Baja Style Lobster

Everything You Need to Know About Baja Style Lobster

Where to Get Baja Lobster if You Are Not in Baja! 

Have you ever had a Baja style lobster? If not, you’re missing out. Paired with a tortilla, beans, and rice, this flavorful dish dates back to pre-refrigeration times in Baja, and is a salute to the fishing lifestyle that was common in families along the coast. Today, the Baja style lobster remains a popular dish throughout the United States. The good news is that, even if you’re not in Baja, you can still enjoy this delicious lobster, since it’s coming to Borracha Mexican Cantina for a limited time. 

The History of the Baja Style Lobster

The Baja style lobster, also referred to as the Puerto Nuevo lobster, has a rich history dating all the way back to the early 1900s. The village of Puerto Nuevo, located in Baja California, Mexico, was known for the plentiful supply of lobsters available in the nearby Pacific Ocean. The village was small, with just a few families living in the cliffs that overlooked the ocean. But, there was a thriving fishing business. 

Men went to sea daily, and the wives would wait to see their husbands’ boats returning on the ocean. Once the wives saw their husbands, they would hurry to heat up dinner. Because the village had no refrigeration, beans, rice, and tortillas were the most common foods that they ate. It just so happens that these foods paired well with the fresh-caught lobsters that the husbands brought home with them. The tortillas were made on the spot, and were sometimes paired with fried lard. 

Americans visited the village on occasion, asking the men to take them fishing, and offering food in return for the experience. As the destination grew in popularity, more Mexicans moved to the village to serve food to the visiting Americans. These families started to build restaurants, offering lobsters cooked in lard and paired with beans, rice, and tortillas. 

The Baja Style Lobster Today

The Baja style lobster remains popular today, and demand for the lobster has traveled far outside of Baja. After all, is there anything better than a lobster cooked or grilled in rich butter, paired with flavorful beans, rice, and tortillas? Some variations pair the lobster with corn or other vegetables, while other recipes call for the addition of garlic or white wine. You’ll find countless variations of this popular lobster style stretching up through California, Nevada, and beyond. 

Of course, it’s still a popular dish in Puerto Nuevo, too. If you want to enjoy a great Baja style lobster, go back to where it originated. In Puerto Nuevo, you’ll find restaurants like Casa de la Langosta, Villa Ortega’s, Puerto Nuevo Restaurant, and Siete Mares all offering their own take on this dish. A visit to Puerto Nuevo is a great way to immerse yourself in the local cuisine and to learn about the culture that resulted in the creation of this popular dish. Seafood restaurants in Puerto Nuevo are plentiful, so you’ll have plenty of choices during your trip. 

But if you can’t make it to Baja, you can still enjoy this delicious dish back home in Henderson, Nevada, too. 

Enjoying Baja Lobster in Henderson

Looking for Baja lobster in Henderson? You’re in luck, but you have to move fast – Borracha will be offering Baja style lobster every Monday, but only for a limited time. Come enjoy Baja lobster complete with the authentic Mexican flavors and Mexican inspiration that you’ll find in any Borracha dish. 

Our menu is full of options that pair beautifully with our Baja lobster. Start with our Signature Salsa Trio or an order of our Classic Guac. Try our Chipotle Buffalo Wings or Chicken Taquitos, and share the order with your whole table. Then, indulge in the Baja lobster and pair it with one of our signature cocktails – perhaps the Pablo Chacon, with its lime and cilantro? Or, order a margarita or one of our dozens of tequilas to really bring out the flavors of the dish. Finally, finish the night off with a delicious dessert, like our Fried Ice Cream or Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. 

On Mondays from 4 to 10 pm, there’s only place you need to be. Come down to Borracha and enjoy the Baja lobster for a limited time. Be sure to make a reservation, since the lobster is sure to be popular. Then, enjoy Baja style lobster as only Borracha can make it.