Celebrate National Tequila Day at Borracha

Celebrate National Tequila Day at Borracha

It’s Going To Be Buena Onda For National Tequila Day at Borracha This Sunday, July 24th

This year, National Tequila Day falls appropriately on the holiest day of the week: Sunday Funday. Get a head start enjoying the néctar de los dioses at brunch and continue your reverence until the sun goes down. This is not the time or place to be a malacopa so bring your A-game and save the siestas for another day. This National Tequila Day at Borracha your only worry should be having the time of your life and still making it to work on Monday morning (even if your breath smells like you siphoned a sedan to get there). Make a reservation so that you can secure a seat while you celebrate the treat from the heavens. 

First Things First  

National Tequila Day is the time to take a boozy brunch to the next level. If you’re slightly crudo from the night before, start off with an Iced Mexican coffee that has tequila, Kahlua, coffee, and chocolate bitters to get you back on track. To really reset, order the Chilaquiles with two eggs any style, corn tortilla chips, black beans cotija cheese, and avocado and check off every vitamin and mineral needed to repair. You’ll be back in fighting shape and ready to take on the tequila-based cocktails in record time. 

Cock(tails) of the Walk

Borracha is the best when it comes to tequila mixology with six featured drinks where tequila has the starring role. If you’re needing a kickstart or to get your head in the game, go with the El Matador that’s Casamigos tequila with Red Bull Red. For those feeling flirty, the Desperado and Heat of the Moment have sweet and spicy rims lined with cinnamon or Tajinn for you to tantalize that total hottie across the bar with your tongue other than the old “tie a cherry stem” trick.  The Jalisco Smash gives you a dash of health benefits from its fresh blueberries and mint as well as some mint to chew on to freshen your breath, which is always appreciated. Of course, you can always go the classic route with a margarita or paloma, and spice it up for a little kick if you’re looking to get loco. 

Let’s Taco Bout Tequila 

If you are planning to run a marathon and not a sprint this National Tequila Day, it’s important that you stay hydrated and avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Borracha’s tacos are the perfect pairing with any tequila drink, specifically the pork carnitas with pineapple slaw. Nachos with Carne Asada or Shrimp Ceviche are great picks for the table so that everyone gets in some bites before the night gets carried away and no one gets carried to the Uber. 

Borracha Mexican Cantina is ready to help you celebrate National Tequila Day the best way this Sunday, July 24th, so make a reservation and get ready to toast to tequila–Arriba, Abajo, al Centro, y Pa’ Dentro!