Celebrate National Bartender Day at Borracha!

Celebrate National Bartender Day at Borracha!

Borracha’s Barkeeps Are One of the Reasons It’s The Best Mexican Restaurant in Henderson 

December 2nd is National Bartender Day! There are apparently over half a million bartenders in the United States, but Borracha Mexican Cantina has the absolute best. No one knows how to concoct a cocktail like our master mixologists, who will both serve you spirits and lift them up. Stop in to celebrate National Bartender Day at Borracha this Thursday to show our barkeep some love, and enjoy this feature of one of our finest! 

One of Borracha’s Best Barkeeps 

Name: Roselie   

Nickname: Rose

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA (South Central), but my family is 

from the Philippines 

Star Sign: Libra

Tenure at Borracha: 3 years in February 

Favorite Drink on the menu: Ooo the Pablo Chacon! 

Favorite Tequila: Casamigos Reposado… Tequila Girly 

Favorite Menu Item: Dynamite Shrimp Tacos

Favorite Part About Bartending: I was a server for a long time, 

then I got finally got promoted to bartender and love it

What I love about bartending: I love working NYE at Borracha and getting to wear different outfits, especially when there’s a DJ and the countdown at midnight. I really like forming relationships with regulars and making connections with guests   

Bartending Pet Peeve: When I’m greeting someone, and they interrupt my “‘Hi how are yo–’ with a blunt ‘tequila soda.’” 

Bartending Perks: It can be a great way to network

Funniest Thing You’ve Heard While Bartending: OMG–some people will be at the bar with their side pieces… their significant others don’t know… cheaters going to bars meeting up with other married people–so awkward! 


Thank you, Rose, for this insight into you and your craft. You are a great asset to Borracha’s fabulous team and amazing clientele! 

You can take a look at Rose’s favorite menu items or drinks here, or even catch some of them being made on Instagram!