Come Celebrate Mexican Independence Day at Borracha!

Come Celebrate Mexican Independence Day at Borracha!

Here in the United States, we are all about celebrating our own Independence Day on July 4th. However, this isn’t the only Independence Day worth celebrating. This is because Mexico has their own day of independence and it is one we here at Borracha couldn’t be more excited about. While many people think that Mexican Independence Day is May 5th, it actually isn’t. It is on September 16th. This is why we are throwing our big Mexican Independence Day bash this weekend!

This is why this year Borracha will be hosting our own Mexican Independence Day in honor of the holiday. On Saturday, September 15th we will be hosting one major fiesta in honor of this day and it is a party that you don’t want to miss. We are starting the celebrations on September 15th, because this holiday is traditionally a two-day event, beginning on the 15th with a reenactment of El Grito de Dolores. While we won’t be having this historical reenactment, we will be hosting plenty of fun.

We are also hosting this even on Saturday because it is a great excuse to stay out late and party with Borracha all Saturday evening long! In honor of the event, we are going to be having $5 Avion margaritas and $8 Avion Tequinis all night long. What is a Tequini you ask? Well, it is a tequila-made martini. If you haven’t tried one yet, there is no better way to really get ramped up for a fiesta. In addition to these drink specials (which run all evening) we are also bringing in a DJ starting at 7 PM to really take this party to the next level.

Of course, since this is Borracha, we will still have our full drink menu available as well as our delicious food menu, so you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine while honoring one of Mexico’s biggest holidays.

Here at Borracha, we love all things related to Mexican culture. We also love Mexican food and drink. This is why we are hosting our mega Mexican Independence Day celebration this year right here at Borracha to bring together our love for this beautiful country and our love for their food and drink. Don’t forget, these specials only run on Saturday, September 15th. The DJ starts at 7 PM, but you can enjoy our great food and drink specials all evening long! We will see you Saturday, September 15th right here at Borrocha!