Celebrate el Día del Padre at Borracha Cantina

Celebrate el Día del Padre at Borracha Cantina

This Father’s Day Borracha Honors Our Padres Perfectos with Amazing Specials 

In Latinx culture, fathers are famous for being the hardest working and most-devoted family men. Our padres may even love la familia more than their mustache. This Father’s Day, Borracha wants to recognize the proud patriarchs of all backgrounds by offering great specials to give hardworking dads a break they deserve. 

Free Draft Beer for Dads

For dads, summertime is peak yard and handyman competition season. There is no such thing as “too early” to get the grass cut before the neighbor or fix something before your mom calls the plumber. This Father’s Day, Borracha is giving all dads a free draft beer with menu purchase to convince them to put down their tools and come inside with a little treat to beat the heat.

Grilled Octopus Appetizer

Make the festivities feliz by ordering the Grilled Octopus Appetizer. This smooth seafood starter has more arms than Guillermo Ochoa in goal and comes with roasted potatoes and chorizo with jalapeno aioli, pico de gallo, and cilantro that brings out the sweet and spicy flavor. After sampling this special, your dad will be in such a good mood he might even forget he doesn’t like your boyfriend.  

Surf & Turf Entree 

Let’s be honest, your dad isn’t going to let you anywhere near his grill or his thick wallet. Not today, not ever. Barracha’s Surf and Turf special boasts an 8-ounce filet mignon and lobster with chimichurri, cilantro, and lime butter and is so good your dad might even think he grilled it himself. Only the best of Baja for the best of dads. 

Chocolate Flan 

Does your dad have a secret sweet tooth just like his secret sweet side? Borracha’s version of this tasty dish is silky and smooth, just like dad swears he was back in the day. Flan is the perfect dessert after a hearty meal with its lighter custardy texture, and the rich chocolate flavor serves a fantastic finishing note to a great time around the table celebrating the man, the myth, the legend: Dad.