Bring Borracha’s Catering To-Go Back Home For FIFA World Cup 2022

Bring Borracha’s Catering To-Go Back Home For FIFA World Cup 2022

Borracha’s Catering To-Go Is The Perfect Way to Watch El Tri in World Cup 2022

3.6 billion people–almost half of the world’s population– claim that soccer is their favorite sport. 134 million people–100% of Mexico’s population–does as well. Even though the FIFA 2022 World Cup is in Qatar halfway across the globe, numerous Mexican soccer fans are expected to be there because that’s how seriously Mexico takes their soccer. Those remaining in North America for the tournament should know that Qatar is 11 hours ahead of the Pacific timezone, so most restaurants and bars won’t be able to show every match live. Luckily, Borracha’s Catering To-Go is perfect for when you need authentic Mexican food to watch Mexico World Cup soccer! 

Catering To-Go

Mexico’s game times are right at the beginning of the work day or lunch, which means sneaking away to Borracha to watch the match may not be possible. However, you can bring Borracha to yourself and the rest of the soccer fans in your office or home. Just check out the Catering To-Go menu for a spectacular array of all of Borracha’s best appetizers, tacos, fajitas, and more. Just make sure to yell GOOOOOOOOOAAAALLL as quietly as you can if you’re watching the game in the office! Here are the first-round matches for El Tri: 


Mexico vs. Poland:  Tuesday, November 22nd at 9 AM Pacific 

Mexico vs. Argentina: Saturday, November 26 at 11 AM Pacific

Mexico vs. Saudia Arabia: Wednesday, November 30th at 11 AM Pacific 


The Seed That Planted El Tri 

The Mexican National Men’s soccer team is nicknamed El Tri because of the three colors in the Mexican flag. Sometimes they’re referred to as El Tricolor, which literally translates to “the three colors” in English. The red, white, and green of Mexico’s flag being associated with the soccer team show just how much the country loves its team. The team’s logo has a rendition of an eagle inspired by Mayan and Aztec culture, and it carries a 1970 Telstar football in its talons. The soccer ball is the ADIDAS model used in 1970 when Mexico hosted the World Cup. 

El Tri 2022 

Although Mexicans love their beloved soccer team, there is not much hope for them to bring home the cup this year. Most fans are hoping for Quinto Partid–the 5th game–which means that Mexico will score high enough to make it into The Round of 16. Coincidentally, the Mexican National Men’s soccer team is coached by Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who is from Argentina. Argentina is in Mexico’s first-round group and is one of the top three favorites to win The World Cup. The match between the two countries is one of the most highly anticipated in all of the first-round groups. Players on El Tri to lead the good fight are Hirving “Chucky” Lozano, Héctor Herrera, Raúl Jiménez, Guillermo Ochoa, and countless others who are ready to impress the world and do their country proud. 


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