Borracha Tequila: Come for the Food, Stay for the Tequila

Borracha Tequila: Come for the Food, Stay for the Tequila

Variety of Tequila

At Borracha we’re known for our dedication to authentic Mexican traditions with an inventive flair.  We stay dedicated to Mexican tradition with the vast offerings of tequila in our portfolio. Sure tequila shots always make for a good time, but what’s the true difference among the varying types of tequila?

Silver Tequila

Silver tequila is the purest form of tequila, having typically aged only a few weeks.  This makes “blanco” tequila one of the easiest and best for mixing drinks. Often, your margarita will feature some variety of silver tequila.

Gold Tequila

Gold tequila typically isn’t aged and contains just over 50% of true agave tequila.  There are varieties that have 100% agave, which is most often created by combining both silver tequila and a true aged tequila.  Caramel coloring is added to the tequila prior to fermentation, which is where gold tequila gets its name.


Reposado tequila, meaning rested, rests from two months to a year.  Reposado tequila is aged in an oak barrel and gets their coloring from the barrel it’s aged within.  There are varieties of oak barrels, and each distinctive barrel has an effect on the flavor of the tequila.


Anejo tequila is also an aged tequila, typically aging from 1-3 years.  Anejo, meaning vintage, is a darker tequila and is adapt for sipping because of the smooth flavor the aging process gives.  These are also one of the darkest varieties of tequila. The darker color is natural, coming again from the barrel the tequila is aged within.

Extra Anejo

Extra anejo tequila is aged the longest, a minimum of three years. This is by far the most expensive of tequila varieties, largely because of the extensive aging process.  This variety of tequila is intended to be enjoyed slowly rather than mixed into any drink.

Tequila Trio

At Borracha we understand and enjoy the vast varieties of tequila there is to offer.  With over 50 tequilas to offer, we’ve created a unique way for you to try several different tequilas during one visit.  You can create your own perfect trio of tequilas, starting at only $21. The trios include blanco, reposado, and anejo varieties for your tasting pleasure.  The vast varieties of tequila will keep you interested and coming back for the other options we have in store.

Experience Authentic Cuisine at the Best Restaurant in Henderson

Borracha not only has tequila galore, but the culinary team has taken your bored Mexican menu and created an inspired and creative selection of dishes to make your experience beyond that of your average Mexican restaurant.  Our menu features the classics, of course, but pays special attention to new and more creative ways to cater to our crowd.  Make a reservation today to come visit us the home of the best Mexican food in Henderson.