DJelani Is Bringing the Beats During Live DJ Saturdays at Borracha

DJelani Is Bringing the Beats During Live DJ Saturdays at Borracha

Live DJ Saturdays Are for the Noise at Borracha Cantina in Henderson

Let’s get ready to Rumbaaaaaaa! Every Saturday night from 8 pm-11 pm Borracha is featuring live music with DJelani so you can eat your salsa and have it too. DJelani offers smooth blends of hip hop, Latin pop, and reggaeton that provides the perfect backdrop and pump-up for your Saturday night. Come grab a cocktail and shake your tail feathers or show out like Shakira with your truthful hips to one of the hottest DJs in Henderson during live DJ Saturdays at Borracha.   

You Dip, We Dip 

One of the best things about Borracha is that they accommodate everyone and everything. Their environment is exceptional, and with DJelani’s sick spins, Borracha becomes a fantastic spot for a full meal or a Saturday snack before hitting the strip. Whether you’re warming up for some of Borracha’s Flaming Tequila Fajitas or swigging some Spicy Palomas before you go shake it, there are four amazing dips to go with whatever trip you’re taking. The Bean and Cheese dip with an Asado/Jack cheese blend, pinto beans, white onions, cilantro, and Cotija Cheese will figuratively bring you to your knees, and of course, there’s always classic Guac and chips if you’re looking to keep things casual. If you’re really wanting to spice up your Saturday, then order the Signature Sala Trio with homemade Tomatillo, Arbol, and Guajillo salsa and hot, crispy chips. You won’t lose no matter which dip you choose, so just ride the vibe and abide. 

Liquid Dessert

Depending on your age, Saturday nights might no longer be for fighting but rather fending off fatigue. If you’re hoping to stay out and dance the night away, Borracha has post-meal pick-me-ups that provide a solid pre-gaming perk. Try Borracha’s epic Mexican Coffee, a high-level hybrid of hot chocolate and coffee but with dashes of cinnamon, sugar, and–the best part–tequila! There are also Espresso or Chocolate Martinis that will Cha Cha slide you over to the awake side so that you can continue to stay up and out. A little Kahula never killed anyone looking to keep up nor did Baileys ever bring anyone down, so down a shot of either to have a solid night out on the town.