Best Mexican Restaurant in Henderson Honors National Hispanic American Heritage Month 

Best Mexican Restaurant in Henderson Honors National Hispanic American Heritage Month 

The Best Mexican Restaurant in Henderson Salutes Those Who Made That Reality Possible 

It is National Hispanic American month, and unlike most nationally-observed months, this one begins in the middle of September and goes until October 15th. It starts on September 15 because that is the Independence Day for several Latin American countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Chile celebrates theirs on September 16th, and contrary to popular belief, Mexico’s Independence Day is not Cinco de Mayo but actually September 18th.  86% of people in the United States like eating Mexican food per, and it is the third-most-popular type of cuisine overall. But there are so many other reasons to learn about and celebrate Hispanic Americans (obviously) than just food, and here are just a few. 

These Hips and Numbers Don’t Lie 

Latinx people are a large part of the United States and American culture: as of 2020, 19% of the total U.S. population was Hispanic, but are the second oldest ethnic group after native Americans. They are a crucial part of the United States economy with a 2.6 trillion U.S. GDP and 19 million essential workers. Hispanic soldiers have fought in every U.S. war and currently, 18% of all active enlisted corps are Latinx while being the fastest growing population in the military. And, lastly, a very important statistic this time of year, 30 million NFL fans were Latino in 2020. 

Latinx Legends

There are so many iconic Hispanic Americans prevalent in the United States now and in history. Many know of those in the arts and entertainment industry due to their celebrity status, such as Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, who just became the first artist to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 List for an all-Spanish-language album. Likewise, Selena Gomez is the most-followed actress and singer on Instagram with over 347 million followers. There are strong Latina women who accomplished great things in the United States government as well: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress, and Antonia Novello was the first ever female and Latin American Surgeon General of the United States in the 1980s. Hispanic Americans like César Chavez and Dolores Huerta were co-founders of United Farm Workers and 1994 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their epic societal impact as activists in the labor movement. The cultural and internal framework of the United States would not be the same without these influential Hispanic Americans, who are just a few of many. 

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With a nod toward the famed Day of the Dead, Borracha offers Mexican-inspired dishes and features a drink menu with an abundance of cervezas, tequila, and specialty cocktails to take the edge off.

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