7 Fun Facts About Tequila Just in Time for National Tequila Day

7 Fun Facts About Tequila Just in Time for National Tequila Day

Monday, July 24th is National Tequila Day. Yes, an entire day dedicated to drinking and enjoying our favorite liquor—tequila. While tequila may have its roots in Mexico, Americans seem to love this beverage just as much as the rest of the world, which is why they created National Tequila Day. After all, what better way to get over the Monday blues than to celebrate the drink that is all about having fun?

In honor of this holiday, here are seven of our favorite facts about tequila.

  1. Borracha has a National Tequila Day party! This is probably our favorite fun fact about tequila. This Monday, July 24th, Borracha will be celebrating National Tequila Day with $5 Espolon Resposado shots and margaritas all day long. Starting at 7 PM we will have a live mariachi band and at 8 pm we will be bringing in a live DJ for even more fun.
  2. Tequila is not made from a cactus. There is a strange misconception that the Agave plant used to make tequila is a cactus. It is not. The plant is actually part of the lily family. Now use that fun fact to impress your tequila-loving friends.
  3. In Mexico, tequila is enjoyed neat. Sure, for America’s National Tequila Day, most people will be taking their tequila shot with salt and lime, but that is not how most people in Mexico enjoy this beverage. National Tequila Day
  4. Color means nothing when it comes to the quality of tequila. This color comes from adding color or from barrel aging. Not from quality.
  5. Tequila is a type of mezcal.  Mezcal is not a type of tequila. Confusing, right? Most people actually switch the two. Tequila is only made using blue agave, while the popular mezcal is made with a variety of agave plants.
  6. Real tequila doesn’t have a worm in the bottle. Yes, it is fun to say you drank the tequila with the worm, but this is actually something that used to be in the bottom of mezcal many years ago because it is the larvae of a moth that lives on the agave plant. Most experts will tell you that paying more for tequila with a worm is all a big marketing ploy.
  7. There are three main categories of tequila: blanco, resposado and anejo. On our National Tequila Day celebration we will be having specials on one of our favorite resposado tequilas. This means that the tequila has been aged for 2-12 months in a barrel.

Green Valley Mexican Restaurant

Don’t forget our event doesn’t just include drink specials such as $5 Espolon Resposado shots and margaritas, but we will also have plenty of entertainment. Our live mariachi band plays from 7-8pm and we will have a DJ after 8pm to really get the party started. National Tequila Day is this Monday July 24th. We will see you at Borracha Mexican Cantina from 4pm until close!